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Aesthetic Services


Rich Pond Dental Studio offers exceptional dental care but we also provide our patients with additional ways to care for themselves. 

We know our patients live a busy life and they can get done in one location the better.


Why not add a Botox session to your dental appointment?

Getting married?

Your dress shouldn't be the only thing that's white on your wedding day. Book a whitening session.

RPDS Aesthetics Menu


When you meet with Dr. Kevin he will personalize your needs based on your desired results. Most Botox appointments can be done in about 30 minutes. We recommend patients make consistent appointments every 3 months with some patients having even longer periods of time between. Cosmetic Botox not generally covered by insurance.

TMJ Botox Treatment

TMJ Botox is used in patients who suffer from the effects of clenching and grinding.  When Botox is administered into the masseter muscle (one of the larger muscles responsible for chewing), it helps to relax the muscle and decrease the strength at which it contracts.  Over time this can help alleviate improve quality of life for patients suffering from TMJ symptoms. 

In House Whitening

While there are many options for whitening available, for the patient who prefers the fastest and easiest way to whiten your teeth, in office whitening is for you. Our in office whitening is vegan and gluten free and can provide results in as little as an hour.

Looking for something to start your whitening journey at home? Opalescence Boost Whitening is our at home go to or our custom whitening trays.


We offer a high tech alternative to traditional molds with our iTero Scanner in office. See a virtual 3D model of your teeth within minutes to better pin point your ortho needs. We offer in house payment plans and will check your insurance for coverage

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