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At Rich Pond Dental Studio we pride ourselves in educating our patients and giving them all the tools necessary for the very best results. 

Where are you located?

Rich Pond Dental is convienently located accross from South Warren High School next to the IGA in Bowling Green KY.

Do you treat children?

We see children at Rich Pond Dental Studio! We are a family dental practice and are more than happy to see your kiddos. Our hygienist has experience in both pediatric practice and general dentistry and is comfortable seeing children of all ages.

What should I do if I have a cold sore?

If you have a cold sore, you need to reschedule your dental appointment! It is best to let us know as soon as you get one. Cold sores are very contagious, and can be spread accross the patients face. We can write our established patients a prescription for medication to help shorten the duration of your cold sore.

Is it safe to have scans done?

We use all digital radiation at Rich Pond Dental Studio. This results in less radiation exposure to both our patients and our employees, making a safer environment for all! The dosage of 4 bitewing radiographs is 0.038 mSv. If those bitewings are taken digitally, that dosage reduces to 0.02 mSv. For reference, the dosage of a whole body CT scan is 10.0 mSv. If you live in a brick home, eat bananas, have ceramic floor tiles and granite countertops, or spend 3 days in Atlanta, you experience a larger radiation dose than 4 digital bitewings taken annually. On average, a year’s worth of of television watching results in more radiation than you would receive taking dental x-rays. They are so valuable for diagnostics in dentistry, we promise they are worth it!

What is SRP or Periodontal Cleaning?

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